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DANDY DUNGEON APK By DMM.com (com.dmm.games.yamada)


■ Who "Yamada-kun"?
Yamada-kun is an employee develops video games all night in her apartment alone. Video game, is a hero bold, successful passing tests in various thrills retro pixel art, mazes Chiptuney. He was the star of his game. He is also the star of our game (which you should download), illustrates the life, which includes the completeness of his game.

■ History
Yamada-kun (age 36) is an employee, who works as a programmer at a major game publisher.

Duties sucks.
Deep in the night, alone in his apartment, he worked on his game.
After the flame chairman of Yamada-kun!
Unemployment improves the chairman evil Yamada-kun setting the game will be the final boss!

He falls in love with Maria-chan (Age: 18) near - she might as well get into the game! It probably was not even scary or weird! You can be a princess, and that can save them. It would be just such a game - a story of pure love.

Yamada-kun excited to make his game.
We are pleased that you are playing a game, making the Yamada-kun his game. Please play our game, where you play the game Yamada-kun and do.

■ How to Play
To remove the bottom of the dungeon, you use your finger to draw a path between input and output.

Along the way, the hero (it's Yamada-kun (We (you))) dealing with monsters, treasures, traps and obstacles. The path you choose determines what you are facing, and when.

The hero is on track and real-time combat. Use all the things that you have in your portfolio item, heal, attack, defend and get their lives heroes.

Carpet clearly all seats 5 × 5 grid for a bonus!

Clear all the cellars for great prizes!

Do things! Be strong! Yamada-kun help of a video game, where he saves the princess as she looks exactly the same, who lived near him, except her hair blonde playing instead of heat ( "original character")!

■ Use your head: Use Elements
You need to carefully consider how and when to use elements.

Grab some things that have been the enemy; Grab some point all the enemies.
There are some enemies special skills and / or movement.
Respect their products. Your article you want. Understanding when, where and how to use them.
It feels good to plan ahead.

■ Upgrade your weapons!
Let's be honest, you can not be an adventure without having to capture the wealth of items, armor and weapons. They're everywhere!

Fill in the prison to get the treasure, you deserve it.

Use the resources to upgrade your weapons and armor gradually. It's like cooking, keep your weapons armor of food.

Power equipment is more powerful when you enter the locked again. (Yamada-kun 36 years: this is a game that he loves.)

Upgrading to the elements appropriate to expose a variety of fine, dandy, and sometimes meaningless set of equipment.

How high can you turn on the device? What materials work best? We will not lie: answer "is very high, sometimes" and "Uhhh have a lot of stuff, and you can play the game in the bathroom of the game, so please try anything."

■ Who is Love "Dundee dungeon"?
· All

■ who like "Dundee Dungeon" * much?
· People who love lol
· People who keep it funny that someone man-made RPG-natured young unemployed lived alone, he alone RPG
· Fans of RPG
· I am what
Fans of dungeon crawls
· Puzzle fans
· Fans pixel art

If you want to make a suggestion that DANDY DUNGEON Android Game be better and more smoothly to run android app please contact the developer to get a response back from the advice you give. You may also report a bug in DANDY DUNGEON Android Game so that Game developers will give suggestions and improvements and updates to your Game DANDY DUNGEON Application Android directly.


System Requirement DANDY DUNGEON Games:
Android Version  = 4.0 And Up
Size                        = 40 MB
Game Type           = RPG
Rating                    = 3+

Free Download Android DANDY DUNGEON App
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